Why We Exist
We make brands more valuable.

Our Values

Focused: We are the right size to remain as small as possible. For us, this means concentrating on the essentials, customer focus, proximity, transparency, flexibility, speed. We only do what we can and love. We prefer to grow with valuable ideas.

Versatile: The right mix makes the difference: The combination of analytical foresight, strategic intelligence, and a sense for creativity and culture; as well as interdisciplinary teamwork. Diverse interests lead to innovations and added value.

Inventive: Unusual solutions often seem a bit illogical at first - otherwise, everyone would think of them. That's why we trust not only our eyes but also our gut feelings. Intuition opens new paths. A wealth of ideas is our capital and of the greatest value.

Human: We believe in human power, human feelings, human intelligence, and creativity. We also believe in technology - such as AI – but it's just a tool. Lived values make us a human company for real people in real places.

Entrepreneurial: We strive for perfection, but in a realistic, pragmatic way. Clients are well advised when their partner not only nods along but also uses their head for new perspectives. Increasing value is the entrepreneurial goal for our clients and us.

What We Do: With ideas, we create the difference: Business ideas, strategy ideas, brand ideas, product ideas, distribution ideas, marketing ideas, community ideas, advertising ideas, design ideas, etc.

Credos of Special Value