Learn to Lose: After the logical defeat against Chess World Champion Garry Kasparov in the late 1980s, a delightful reunion in 2023.

Schachweltmeister Garri Kasparow vs Frank BodinGarri Kasparow und Frank Bodin

Supporting Role: Never more than a bit player in "Tatort," but leading roles in the industry associations lsa leading swiss agencies and ADC Switzerland (the only one who presided over both associations).


Rejected: Despite the globally sensational Tibet campaign, his first application to the ADC was not accepted. In 2013, he was appointed ADC President and in 2023, a member of the ADC Hall of Fame.

TibetADC Hall of Fame

Eight Times Not Advertiser of the Year: Nominated more often than anyone else, he finally won it on his ninth attempt in 2009.

Werber des Jahres

Law Studies Never Completed: Nevertheless, not so bad employment references.

Jacques Séguéla und Frank BodinJacques Séguéla

Unsold Books: Frank Bodin's first books reached only a small audience. His 2015 book "Do it with Love" became a bestseller and is now in its 8th edition.

Do it with Love

Recognizing Limits: At 22, Bodin realized that he wouldn't make it in a major music career. Nevertheless, he achieved, among other things, the premiere of his orchestral work "enCore" at the Tonhalle Zurich in 2016 and the most-played Swiss jingle (since 1997, the SBB signature tune has been played in all stations and trains).

Frank Bodins MusikkarriereUraufführung seines Orchesterwerks „enCore“ in der Tonhalle Zürich 2016SBB-Signet Jingle

Late Recognition: A portrait of Frank Bodin, which was supposed to appear in the cultural magazine "Du" in the 1980s, was withdrawn shortly before printing. A report about him and his robot art HeBo (HedingerBodin), seen worldwide in numerous exhibitions, was finally published in 2008.

Kulturzeitschrift “Du“