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Twitter Ambassador Switzerland

Twitter is the place where people find out what’s happening. Thanks to the speed with which messages can be transmitted in telegraphic style, Twitter is the world’s leading microblogging information platform with over 500 million tweets daily and hundreds of millions of users. Twitter is also one of the most widely used social networks in Switzerland – but its potential is far from exhausted. The qualitative environment with active and relevant users is a particular trump card compared to other social media. This has already been discovered by numerous leading Swiss companies, in particular, the watch and luxury goods industry, financial service providers, the media, insurance companies, pharmaceuticals, etc.

Together with Twitter and the exclusive Twitter representative Httpool, Frank Bodin is driving the expansion of Twitter Advertising in Switzerland with The focus is on the numerous globally active Swiss companies. Especially for them, Twitter represents an immeasurable potential to reach a global, demanding audience.

Frank Bodin has had a special connection to this medium since 2011: when he was confronted with a newly opened Twitter account, he decided to spend a year writing a daily thought on the subject of creativity. Unexpectedly, a large community arose around the daily tweets and, as a result, the enchanting book “Do it, with love – 100 Creative Essentials” (published by Hermann Schmidt, Mainz, Germany) – now a bestseller in its seventh edition.

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