Reputation Management

Reputation Management

«If you’re going through hell, keep going.» (Winston Churchill)

Frank Bodin knows from his own experience about the “Loneliness At The Top” and how helpful it can be to have someone at one’s side with whom one can confidently deal with different paths and scenarios.

Excerpt from an article in the Bilanz “Warum Martin Schulz die Bundestagswahl verlieren musste”.

Why Martin Schulz had to lose the German Bundestag election

Never before has the world undergone such rapid change. Surprising changes in power during elections are on the increase. Suddenly there are personalities like Justin Trudeau, a man who is committed to cannabis and feminism and who would also cut a good figure on a catwalk. Or Emmanuel Macron, who enchanted the masses with “En Marche”. Many people want change so much that they succumb to a promise like “Make America great again”.

Martin Schulz neither smokes canabis nor wears a toupee. That speaks for him and speaks against his choice. But the willingness to change power in Germany was also in the spring air. At the beginning of the year it seemed that the reign of Merkel was over. People have seen it: These coloured tops to colourless trousers. This Merkel rhombus. This soporific serenity. These meandering sentences that mark around the problems such as “For a Germany in which we live well and gladly”.

Martin Schulz didn’t even have the rhombus. The formulation of his mission could come from a Sunday school teacher: “Time for more justice”. Nobody has time for such a slogan. With Merkel versus Schulz, a woman with the great characteristic of having few characteristics met a man without characteristics. That was no real challenge for Merkel and no alternative for Germany. It is not surprising that the voters stayed with the “there-you-know-what-you-have” strategy. “There you know what you have” was the famous slogan for a German laundry detergent. Not particularly original, but an original. Just like Angela Merkel. Laundry detergent advertising is still a synonym for rather boring but effective advertising. Angela Merkel knew from the beginning that no new state could be created with it, but that the re-election could be won.

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