Digital Intelligence

Digital Intelligence

Two digital trends currently dominate the marketing world: 1. individualization, 2. automation.

The individualised approach is made possible by data that is able to give a clearer picture of a person’s needs and preferences than traditional target group models. Big Data now has a greater fascination than the chain-smoking womanizer Don Draper from the series “Mad Men” – the new name for the series should be “Math Men”.

However, despite all the technological fascination, one must not forget: Only the combination of technology with creative content makes digital transformation successful – Data are stories with a soul.

Excerpt from a speech by Frank Bodin 2016  at the ADC Switzerland Gala

Big Data oder Big Idea? 

Data is just a means to an end. Technology has never been the solution. It is a tool, not more, not less. Successful communication is not only information, but information plus emotion, whereby the factor emotion is significantly more important than the information content. Aristotle had already recognized in his “Ars poetica” that “how” is more important than “what”. “How” I sell a sneaker by means of creative staging is significantly more important than “what” the sneaker can do. This is the magic of creative brand communication.

Big Data without a Big Idea leads to nothing.

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