Corporate Advisory

Corporate Advisory is an international team for branding and creative content with digital intelligence. For clients who want passion, excellence and exceptionally sustainable ideas. offers a modular ecosystem with leading minds in different fields. Frank Bodin is one of the most renowned names in the industry, who brings in the necessary partners depending on the task at hand – an armada consisting of speedboats instead of a supertanker agency. This enables clients to find exceptional solutions quickly and flexibly.

The Zurich branch of, newly opened on 1 January 2020, unites the internationally active branding agency Brand New World and Twitter under one roof. For public affairs and public relations, bodin partners works closely with furrerhugi and for influencer marketing with Kingfluencers.

Excerpt from an interview with Yves Seiler “Frank Bodin, der Dirigent”.

You have become a brand yourself. What distinguishes a successful brand?

The most important thing about a brand is its conviction. Apple didn’t just want to make computers or phones, it wanted to change the world through design. Nike didn’t just want to sell shoes, it wanted to create a movement in sports. Success is never the goal, it’s just a result of what we do.

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